Tarot and Healing Workshops

Creative Tarot
Sunday, November 10th & 17th.   1:30pm – 3:30pm.  $20 – $40 per workshop.

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Creatively Experience the 22 Tarot Majors

Monday, October 22nd.   Tucson AZ.
6pm – 8:30pm
$20 – $60 sliding scale. 

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Best if you have some knowledge of the basic 22 Tarot majors. If you’re not sure about this, please contact and we’ll chat about it.

Recommended:  Sometime before the workshop take some time to gaze at your cards (or an on line deck) and make note of the words, feelings or body sensations that occur to you.

If you ‘know’  the Tarot majors and seek other, creative ways to explore their meanings, this workshop brings you to an embodied, lyrical and multi-sensory way of ‘getting it’ when it comes to their full-spectrum meanings.

How do we get creatively involved with these basic and very powerful archetypes?
Dance them, write them, draw them, role play them! We play non-competitive guessing games and ‘act out’ readings for each other.

Why would we approach learning Tarot in this way? 
Reading books, blogs and websites about Tarot provides lots of knowledge and can be fascinating. Memorizing the meanings may not come so easy to many people. After all, there are 78 cards in the standard Tarot! Engaging with Tarot archetypes in more wholistic ways that includes interacting with a group of enthusiastic participants creates memories that are, well, more memorable!In this workshop, you will probably see more directly how the archetypes are at work in your own psyche and in the culture.


Creating Activation Tools! (CAT)
Saturday May 5th 2018.  10am – Noon
Affirmative and Creative Ways of Working With the Archetypes & Nature Guides Most Significant To You.
Private residence in midtown Tucson.
$20 – $40 sliding scale 

Register, pay and receive address information. Questions?  Call / Text 520-306-1701 or email merriewolfie@gmail.com

Such a helpful workshop!  Form an action plan, supportive routines and rituals for growth and change using cards as prompts for intuitive and journeyed guidance.

Write affirmations based on your favorite or recently chosen Tarot or Oracle cards and the archetypes that represent.
Find ways to stay inspired and connected to Animal, Plant or Stone guides that are special to you.
We begin with a journey. You may choose cards, use a dream image or focus on energies you’re already working with as the focus of your journey.
After the journey everyone will spend time crafting the affirmations  emphasizing ease of remembering, perhaps rhyme or song, that help in calling in  positive archetypal support in your everyday life. There will be a guided meditationto visualize yourself behaving in ways that align with your intensions. More ‘change agents’ might be particular songs, music,al styles, colors, poses, costume, people, pictures that are touchstones for remembering the archetype.  Please bring an object that you love to be infused with the guidance energy and that can literally be something you frequently touch to ‘recharge’.  The intention is that you find workable ways that promote positive change and growth in your life that you can practice everyday to support new routines and ways of being.

You may already know the cards, archetypes and nature spirits that stir you. If you’re not sure, that’s ok! You could try the archetypes associated with your Sun, Moon and/or Ascendant in your natal or solar return chart. Or give attention and time to the beings in Nature that touch your heart and soul. Or come in for a half hour reading personal Tarot & Totem session anytime this week to help you discern the archetypes and spirit guides best for you.  If you’ve had powerful readings or uplifting dreams and feel pulled to further investigate those messages, that works too.


January 2018 New workshop series!   4 Mondays beginning January 29th!

Archetypes At Play on the Tarot Table :
How Tarot Allows Hidden Qualities and Messages to Emerge and Evolve

4 Mondays.   6pm – 9pm
Mondays, January 29th and February 5th, 12th and 19th
All workshops wil be held at a comfortable, roomy private office or private residence near Ina & Oracle.
We have room for 2 more participants!  

NOTE: This series of intermediate level Tarot workshops are for those who are familiar with the cards and have done some readings and want to go deeper and develop more confidence with the craft.

The intent is that students learn fresh, healing ways to work with Tarot for personal exploration and development AND to gain awesome new skills and perspectives to bring to their readings for friends and/ or clients. Students are encouraged to develop ways to intermingle their other interests and talents with Tarot – therapy, crystal work, sound healing, music, writing, aromatherapy. magick, dance, athletics and more. Tarot connects to archetypes of human nature that are part of every person’s conscious and subconscious being. it helps in becoming more fluid and trusting of intuition and creativity. It’s all good!

The first half of each workshop is devoted to exploring ways that Tarot can enrich your personal life, psychological and spiritual well being as well as the opportunity to experience those Aha! moments and goosebumps that come with engaging deeply with archetypal energies and divination.  The second half of each workshop is devoted to doing readings with other students, using and designing new layouts, and discovering ways to help clients ground and make good use of the guidance from the reading. (Of course you can’t force them to but you can provide helpful suggestions).

Workshop 1, January 29th:  Part 1: Tarot Archetypes of Path and Power In The Outer World. Choose which one of these archetypes you resonate with and which one you clash with. You’ll explore both of them through pose, role-play and journaling. Part 2: Using questions and spreads for divining guidance about career, relationship, health and role in the world you’ll read for other students
Workshop 2, February 5th:  Part 1: Tarot Archetypes of Self-Development and Authenticity. Work with two or three Majors that interest and challenge you to initiate inner development. Part 2: Readings and spreads to help others gain insight into what they most want and need at this time, into their ‘true’ nature, and how they can evolve and experience more wholeness and evolve from a place of peace.
Workshop 3, February 12th: Part 1: Tarot Archetypes of Shadow, Light and Spiritual Awakening. Energies beyond cause & effect, logic or personal history.  Explore the archetypes that resonate with sweeping energies you see in the world today, your family or within you. Part 2: Readings, layouts and approaches for people seeking spiritual growth, karmic & past life understanding, or are dealing with destiny-changing surprises.
Workshop 4, February 19th: Part 1: Bonding with Nature through the Four Elements (Four Suits) – Tarot for ritual, altars, magick and connecting to nature spirits. Part 2: Help those you read for find ways to ground and commit to the healing message of their session (if they so desire).

Included in the price are:
* 4 Workshops equalling 12 Hours of Group Instruction
* Suggested reading list and videos to watch.
* Binder and extensive printed information for each workshop.
* Exercises and Tarot spreads used in class can be further worked with at home or in a study group.
* 2 half hour (or 1 full hour) of mentoring and instruction with Merrie at any time in January or February of 2018.

Tuition: Sliding Scale of $200 ($50 per workshop) to $400 ($100 per workshop). Choose the level of payment according to your financial situation and ability to pay, keeping in mind the effort, work and expertise that goes into planning and facilitating the workshops. Payment plans are available if needed.  If payment is made in full by Friday January 19th, you’ll receive a free one hour reading from Merrie anytime in the next year.

Payment: Pay for the entire series of 4 workshops. Choose your payment price from these sliding scale options between $200 – $400.
Early Bird Gift: If you pay in full by Friday, January 19th, you’ll receive a free one hour private session at anytime during the next year. ($60 value)!

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Pay for individual workshops. sliding scale options between $60 to $110. If you prefer to pay at an interval not listed here, please contact me at merriewolfie@gmail.com.
Pay for individual workshops. sliding scale options between $60 to $110.  If you prefer to pay at an interval not listed here, please contact me at merriewolfie@gmail.com.
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October 14th – November 4th, 2017.   A Series of 4 Tarot Reading Workshops   

A series of 4 workshops.
Saturdays.  10am – 1pm.
October 14th, 21st, 28th and November 11th
Private residence near A-Mountain / Tumamoc Hill in Tucson, AZ

During these 4 workshops you’ll engage in the Intuitive Art of Tarot through your inborn intuitive connection to the 4 elements (Fire, Water, Air and Earth) and to archetypes that are part of human nature. This is a natural and personal way to learn and deepen connection and understanding of the broad meanings of the cards and the variety of messages they can convey because you relate them to parts of your own psyche and the collective unconscious.

Tarot is an art, not a science. This is true of all forms of Divination. Remembering the meanings of the cards  and feeling ‘in the flow’ during readings comes more easy from developing a fluency that includes your ordinary consciousness, intuition, benevolent guides and collective human nature and experience.  These workshops are designed to facilitate that fluent state of consciousness. There’s a subtle and uplifting joy in such a state of being!  These workshops will facilitate feeling comfortable, confident and connected as you work with the Tarot, and allow your readings to be creative and intuitive.

In each workshop there will be at least a half hour of time for students to do readings for themselves and each other. In each workshop there will also be ideas and practices presented for using Tarot in non-traditional ways such as for magickal intentions, creative arts guidance and more.

All 4 workshops are 3 hours long, beginning at 10am and ending at 1pm on  Saturdays in October.
Included in the workshop:  
*  4 Workshops equalling 12 Hours of Group Instruction
*  Suggested reading list and videos to watch. 
*  Binder and extensive printed information for each workshop. 
*  Exercises to do during class and at home and Tarot spreads to work with during and outside of class. 
*  2 half hour (or 1 full hour) of mentoring and instruction with Merrie at any time in October or November 2017

Saturday. October 14th. Part 1:  Explore all 78 Tarot cards through the spectrum of the 4 elements, numerology and the Majors and how they amplify archetypes of human nature and collective consciousness. A full and hearty workshop to begin the series!

Saturday  October 21st. Part 2:  Creating intuitive relationship to and understanding of the symbols and imagery on the cards. Practice with finding the story being told by the symbols and how they interweave with each other in a reading. 

Saturday, October 28th.  Part 3: History of Tarot and the 21st century renaissance of this art form. Learn how to combine your other interests and talents with Tarot. Use the cards for dream gestation and interpretation.  

Saturday, November 11th. Part 4:  Each student will work deeply with a few Tarot Major archetypes of their choice and share the experience with the group. Learn how to keep a reading session centered if it starts to get weird.

Tuition:  Sliding Scale of $200 ($50 per workshop) to $400 ($100 per workshop). Choose the level of payment according to your financial situation and ability to pay, keeping in mind the effort, work and expertise that goes into planning and facilitating the workshops. Payment plans are available if needed. If payment is made in full by Friday October 6th, you will receive a free one hour reading from Merrie anytime in the next year.

Payment: Pay for the entire series of  4 workshops. Choose your payment price from these sliding scale options between $200 – $400.
Early Bird Gift: If you pay in full by Tuesday, October 10th, you’ll receive a free one hour private session at anytime during the next year.  ($60 value)!

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Pay for individual workshops. sliding scale options between $60 to $110.  If you prefer to pay at an interval not listed here, please contact me at merriewolfie@gmail.com.
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Know Your Own Mind
The Hermit, Virgo, The Magician, Mercury and the 6th House.
Realism and Science as Spiritual Path
Monday, September 18th,  6pm – 9pm

Dissolving Moon / Evolving Butterfly Dark of the Moon Workshop
Tuesday, September 19th.  6pm – 8pm. with the option to stay an extra hour to deepen the work from 8:15pm – 9:15pm.

Elemental Tarot and NASA photo of Mercury

LOVERS & THE MAGICIAN / GEMINI & MERCURY – Communication, Intimacy, Focus and Your Powers of Creation.
Wednesday, June 7th. 6pm – 9pm
Private residence in Tucson AZ
$40 – $60 sliding scale.

Register at 520-306-1701 or merriewolfie@gmail.com

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NOTE: About sliding scale prices: Sliding scale options are offered as a way to make workshops and private sessions affordable to many. Please choose the amount on the sliding scale through a self-assessment of your personal financial situation and the effort and expertise that goes into the workshop.

The Lovers / Gemini and Magician / Mercury
Learn new skills, gain insights into your communication and relationship style by getting to know Tarot archetypes and their corresponding energies in Gemini, Mercury and the 3rd House in your astrological chart.

We’re enjoying the gabby, charming, curious and expressive sign of Gemini until June 21st. The Lovers & The Magician represent expressive, very social, communicative and ingenious elements of human nature and have long been associated with the sign of Gemini and planet Mercury.

Learn how the Tarot Lovers and the Tarot Magician are seeded into human nature, the subconscious and the collective unconscious. You’ll work with these archetypal powers and energies in creative ways through journaling, ‘acting out’ with your fellow students, seeing how they are symbolized in the cards, in indigenous folkways and Nature guides. You’ll pinpoint specific places in your natal astrological chart that reveal something about your relationship and communication styles and how you can most successfully manifest your goals. Below is a description of the 4 parts of this workshop.

Part 1. The Lovers – Commitment to the Path of Relationship. We’ll study this card’s symbols and especially the number 6 and how it refers to to important choices and decisions, and a wisdom path that helps you choose the high road. Entering a committed relationship is on of the most important choices a person can make, and one must make decisions all along the way as the partnership continues or falls apart. The 6 pointed Star of David is the union of two triangles, one upwards (fire) and one downwards (water) and symbolizes much more than Judaism. 6 if the number of the Lovers Card. All four 6’s in the four suits are also about choices. You will learn a drawing meditation based on this sacred shape that’s very helpful in making decisions that are important to you!

Part 2. Magician has tricks to teach you so you can Make It So!  Magician is the card that represents Mercury, Gemini’s ruling planet. This archetype helps you focus on what you really want and then devise a plan to ‘make it so!’. The symbols of the 4 suits / 4 elements always appear on this card, because Fire (enthusiasm), Water (feeling), Air (intelligence) and Earth (resources) are needed to manifest. You’ll explore a personal goal or intention. Taking a hint from Magician, you’ll work on a success plan by analyzing how the 4 elements come into balance and play in your endeavor.

Part 3. Gemini, the social butterfly and the ever curious. By looking at your natal Gemini, the house it rules and any planets within it, much about the way you learn and communicate and your social persona can be revealed. By gazing at the correspondingTarot cards you can intuit much about these aspects of yourself. Class role-play and a journey to the animals and symbols in your cards will bring more insight!

Part 4.  Mercury the messenger, the feather-footed god, is the planet closest to the Sun’s heat and moves quickly. From an Earth-based point of view, Mercury  has a quirky pattern of back and forth in the sky (retrograde and forward seasons). The placement of Mercury in house and sign in your chart reveals a lot about your communication style, teamwork and organization efforts and quickness ( or not) of thought.  Then there will be a  guided meditation about having a feathered head and feather feet and how that symbolism unfolds for you.

This workshop will take place on Wednesday June 7th from 6pm – 9pm at a private residence in Tucson AZ

past workshops

Cards from Gaian Tarot
Cards from Gaian Tarot

Deepen Your Divination Practice
Monday, May 29th, 6pm – 9pm, Tucson AZ

Price for this intensive and fascinating 3 hour workshop: sliding scale $25 – $50.
Location: Private residence near Ina & Oracle. Address given upon registration.
To register: Call / text 520-306-1701 or email merriewolfie@gmail.com
End your holiday weekend by diving into Divination. If you’re familiar with Tarot or other forms of divination and would like to experiment with new ways of connecting with the intuitive powers of insight, this workshop is for you! You’ll get lots of practice reading for others during this workshop!
* Trance journey to discover spirit allies or possible ancestors to assist you in your Tarot work
* Creating safe and sacred space
* Ways to charge and strengthen your heart, throat, brow and crown chakra to receive and relay intuitive guidance
* Helping the one who seeks answers, to form questions that will yield the most guidance and wisdom
* Discovering your deeper motivation for being a reader and how that can shape an ethical practice
* Using symbolic divination tools in magickal spells and shrines
* Learning to spot ‘wishful thinking’, ‘reading to please’ or ‘personal opinion’ and shift to trusting your intuition
* How to handle difficult situations
* Dealing with burnout or compassion fatigue
and more!
Please bring your divination tools (cards, runes, stones, etc). and any objects that empower and support the intuitive connection i.e. jewelry, photos, particular cloth, crystals, …

In-Depth Tarot – Develop Deep Divination Skills

4 workshops, 4 Monday evenings, 12 hours of connecting to the elemental and archetypal mysteries and depth of the art of Tarot.

Location: Private residence near Ina & Oracle, address given upon registration

Please note: There’s only 1 workshop left to attend of these 4. Here it is!

Workshop #4.  Increasing Your Card Reading Skills and Diverse Other Uses of Tarot.  Monday, May 22nd. 6pm – 9pm. The intention of this workshop is to build confidence and finesse in your readings. You’ll learn techniques to ‘get out of your own way’ and allow the divinatory meanings to come through with trust and confidence in yourself. People have a tendency to want to say the nice or the reassuring thing which often isn’t exactly what Spirit is delivering. You’ll get practice here in giving a true interpretation with kindness and compassion even if it’s not with your client wants to hear. Give and receive readings for each other. You’ll also learn other ways to use your Tarot cards besides for divination and readings.

These four workshops will focus on learning more about the cards and the archetypal power and practical situations they represent. Each workshop will also include ample opportunity to read for your fellow students, to learn new card spreads, and ways to adapt the Tarot to a variety of needs and circumstances including reading for yourself, groups, children, people you’re close to, those in crisis as well as those with practical concerns or who have no particular focus and are just curious. Best of all, your awareness of your own archetypal psychology will grow and blossom. When you grow your roots strong and deep into this knowledge and have lots of practice, you’ll be able to share Tarot with others in a nurturing, creative and healing way.

past …

Workshop 1: Monday, April 17th, 6m – 9pm: The Major Arcana (the 22 cards from 0 Fool to 21 World) and how they relate to significant areas of life and experiences that everyone encounters, again and again.(i.e. patterns of thinking, creativity, search for security, love relationships, health, loss and gain, and so much more). Learn several different ways of organizing or patterning the Majors that help to understand the depth and variety of the full spectrum of meanings within each of the 22 cards.
* Share readings and spreads with each other and read for yourself using only the Majors.

Workshop 2: Monday, April 24th, 6pm – 9pm: In-depth study of the 4 Aces of the 4 elements / suits (Fire, Water, Air and Earth) which helps you understand the root energy of the 4 suits, and how important they are in any individual or situation. Go deeper into the Majors by understanding their symbols, with emphasis on how the details in the cards relate to the 4 elements.
* Do more readings for each other (using Majors and Aces) and learn how to intuitively structure the meaning of the reading and the guidance to share by considering the 4 elements and how they flow through the cards, and even how they ‘talk’ to each other.

Date Change! Workshop 3: Saturday, May 6th, 10am – 1pm. Looking at and working with all 56 cards of the 4 suits (Ace to 10, plus 4 people cards). Looking at the pattern that flows through each suit, and the kinship of the numerology across each suit, helps you easily ‘get’ what each cards means and to read the flow of the story they are telling within a reading. It’s different from trying to memorize each individual card. Your readings for each other this week will include all the cards – Majors, Minors and Court.

These workshops are appropriate for people with some Tarot experience and who have a strong interest in or passion for learning and exploring the Tarot tradition. If you love visual symbols, or are fascinated by archetypal psychology and deep human nature, or feel grounded and balanced in the 4 directions or 4 elements, you’ll love these workshops! There will be sharing and discussion during class time, and a commitment to staying focused, ‘on time’ with doing the exercise and covering the material, so that you get the most of the investment of your time and effort. We’ll be in learning and doing mode throughout the workshop. If people want to socialize, they’re welcome to stay for a little while after the workshop or encouraged to go hang out in one of Tucson’s many awesome locations for doing so.

TUITION; a generous sliding scale* is offered!
To make your payment, go here.
Paid In Full by end of day Friday, April 14th: Any amount between $100 to $200.
Paid in Full by the beginning of the first workshop on Monday, April 17th: Any amount between $125 to $225
Individual Workshops paid at least 1 day in advance: Any amount between $35 – $75.
A website with a payment page will be up and functional soon. In the meantime, please contact Merrie at merriewolfie@gmail.com or call / text 520-306-1701 to register and make payment arrangements.
* Sliding scale amount should be self-selected by a personal assessment of your own financial situation and consideration of the time and expertise put into designing and facilitating the workshop.