October 7th Tarot Tune Up

Tarot Tune Up. Thursday October 7th. 5:30pm-7:00pm mst/pdt

Choice of Two Spreads
New Moon / Inner Child
Invitation to a Major


There may be time for everyone to give and receive both spreads. Here’s the New Moon / Inner Child reading that you may have done before in a previous Tune-Up.

PREP:  If you want to receive the Invitation to a Major, please select one of the 22 major arcana that represents something you want more of in your life or have had a difficult time personally connecting with even though you want to, or that seems inscrutable to you and you want to understand it more intimately.

NEW MOON INNER CHILD – Gifts of your Inner Child
The New Moon is associated with birth and early childhood, sweetness, innocence and imagination. Generosity and gift-giving too! This spread gleans the gifts your Inner Child and Adult Self have to share with each other.

The spread is a diamond shape, Position the cards as the 4 points of a Diamond. 1 at bottom, 2 at top, 3 to the left, 4 to the right.

 Below Card 1: Your inner child
Above Card 2: You as you are now
Left Card 3: The gift you can give your inner child
Right Card 4: The gift your inner child brings to you

Inner Child Layout

or you can choose to receive


Choose a Major Tarot archetype that captures your attention. Maybe it’s one you want more of in your life or maybe you’ve found it difficult to connect with or understand, finding it rather inscrutable.

The reader will place  that card at the center of the spread.

The recipient will craft an affirmation for their chosen card using ‘I’ statements in the present tense with positive verbs.
Wheel of Fortune: I welcome synchronicity and intuitive and psychic guidance
Strength: I welcome the animal and physical strength within me.

Place the chosen Tarot Major face up in the center
Choose cards 1-4 thinking of the meaning of the card and laying them all face down.
Turn them over quickly in succession. Notice how they look together.
Read each card as an answer to its position. Notice if numbers, colors or meanings are interconnected.

Position Meanings
A in the Center:  Chosen Tarot Major laying face up
Card 1:  What might be blocking or diminishing this archetype ie what needs to be released
Card 2:  What is unknown or misunderstood about this archetype
Card 3:  What does this archetype need to feel respected and truly welcomed in
Card 4:  How may life grow, develop and change because of a closer relationship as this archetype is integrated

Hints to Interpreting this spread
Card 1 and 3. Card 1 reveals what should be removed and contrasts with Card 3 showing what needs to be done or emphasized
Card 2 is important because it clarifies and may point out muddled notions or misunderstanding of the archetype
Card 4 can and should always be read in a positive way.

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