Tarot Tune-Ups, ZOOM version

Fun practice group for Tarot lovers led by Merrie Wolfie

Tuesday nights
from 6:30pm – 8:00pm (MST/PDT)
via Zoom
(Zoom invite email will be sent by 5pm each Monday)

This Tuesday, August 4th, we’ll work with the second set of the major arcana and what they reveal in readings and other Tarot work. You’ll go deep into the symbolism on the deck of your choice, and do readings for yourself and other attendees. These 7 Tarot cards refer to archetypal ways of self-development. The cards we worked with last week were mostly extroverted, the are mostly about inner life. Below are the most commonly used names but there are many more. The essence remains the same, regardless of the title.

8   Strength, Lust or Courage
9   The Hermit
10  Wheel of Fortune
11  Justice
12  The Hanged Man
13  Death
14  Temperance, Alchemy, Art

You’ll be actively reading cards for yourself and others, and learning techniques for increasing intuitive abilities. This group maintains a non-judgmental, non-competitive vibe. The Tune Ups are best suited to those who love Tarot, synchronicity, dreams and/or divination.

Owning one or more Tarot decks and valuing the wisdom of the Tarot path.
Price and Payment:  During the pandemic, prices are sliding scale between $0 to $20 per week. Please choose your payment level based on your current financial situation but if you can make even a small payment, please do.

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