Tarot Tune-Ups, ZOOM version

Fun on-line practice group for Tarot lovers led by Merrie Wolfie

Monday nights from 5:30pm – 7:00pm (MST/PDT)
via Zoom

In these workshops you’ll be actively reading cards for yourself and others, and learning techniques for increasing intuitive abilities. This group maintains a non-judgmental, non-competitive vibe. The Tune Ups are best suited to those who love Tarot, synchronicity, dreams and/or divination.

See details of this week’s Tarot Tune Up here: https://merriewolfie.com/events-workshops-and-classes/tarot-tune-ups-zoom-version/weekly-tuneup-details/

Owning one or more Tarot decks and valuing the wisdom of the Tarot path.
Price and Payment:  During the pandemic, prices are sliding scale between $10 to $30 per week. Please choose your payment level based on your current financial situation. Even a small payment is appreciated!  If you want to pay at a level that’s not listed, please use Paypal.me/MerrieWolfie.

ZOOM Tarot Tune Up – Choose from $10 – $30 sliding scale