Tarot / Astrology Monthly Workshops

These once a month, 3 hour workshops mix Tarot archetypes, the current zodiac sign, and your personal astrological birth chart!

THE HERMIT & VIRGO: Knowing Your Own Mind
We explore the Hermit archetype of wisdom and truth, the astrological Virgo and dedication to service, Mercury the communicator and the 6th House of work ethic, body and crisis
Reality Testing.  The Beautiful Mind.  Science.  Being of Service. 

Monday, September 18th. 6pm – 9pm. Tucson, AZ.
Tarot Astrology 3 Hour Workshop.

Sliding scale $45 – $75 (please see payment buttons at the end of the workshop description)

     The Hermit is is the archetype of wisdom, deep thinking, contemplation, science, and a devotion to truth-telling and realism. The Hermit respects both the scientific and intuitive intelligence. Hermit also knows that without self-knowledge, one’s ability to truly learn is half-baked. Every thought is filtered through the individuality of the thinker. Awareness of your own preferences,  social conditioning and mental blocks is the first step in freeing your mind.  This depth of contemplation requires solitude and a willingness to question everything.

Hermit is at first destructive (questioning. critiquing and discarding falsehoods) and then creative, allowing the light of purified consciousness and a practice of mindfulness to lead. Become curious about your own unexamined assumptions and social conditioning, Hermit says. Under all those layers is a profound light of consciousness and deep creativity. Hermit is both scientist and the holy mystic who travels the land shining a light of truth. The Dalai Lama and Lao Tzu, the Taoist mystic, powerfully express the Hermit Archetype.

PART 1: The Hermit & You:  The Hermit is also known as The Wise Old Teacher,  The Taoist, The Truth Seeker, The Questioner, the Non-Conformist.
LEARNING FROM YOUR INNER HERMIT. You’ll explore this archetype of independent intelligence through studying the Tarot card and its symbols, journalling, creative writing and visualization and other modalities.
This archetype is related to the deep and free inquiring mind. Hermit uses both logical and intuitive intelligence. Living life in an intelligent, mindful way is of great importance to Hermit and this is how Lao Tzu and Dalai Lama are excellent examples of the Hermit Archetype.
FINDING THE WAY TO  ACCESS YOUR INNER GURU & TEACHER.  Through creative imagination and visualization, you’ll create an inner sanctuary where you can find the peaceful solitude and independence that Hermit needs to thrive.
HERMIT, MAVERICK, OFF-BEAT, BOHEMIAN.  The Non-conformist, the need to question the ideas and beliefs one lives by. Where did they originate? Have you reality-tested them? Questioned them? Is there pressure from the ideology of friends or family to believe these ideas  … or else?
THE HERMIT VS SOCIAL MEDIA. The Hermit archetype is deeply different from social media and the information highway. Hermit doesn’t seek affirmation, popularity or likes. Neither does Hermit mind actively seek confrontation or dislike. One of Hermit’s greatest gifts is to see through social conditioning, fads, peer pressure. We’ll explore ways to stay grounded and take care of your mind and your own search for truth. Ways to unplug literally and energetically.
THE HERMIT TAROT SPREAD. Since Hermit is the soul of self-reliance, you’ll do this spread for yourself  and share your interpretation with others.
NATURE SPIRIT GUIDES: A drum journey to Hermit symbols and totems such as Owl, Turtle, The Light in the Darkness, the Wandering Cat, The Vagabond Guru, The Lone Cat.

PART 2: The Sign of Virgo:  Mindfulness, Service, Discipline, Commitment, Practical Analysis, Success.
You’ll analyze your natal astrological chart and examine the Tarot cards that correspond to your Virgo, its house and the planets that reside there. The Hermit always represents Virgo. Through journaling and responding to the images on your cards, you gain more insight into your gifts and challenges in the area of practical and successful problem solving, work ethic, modesty about success and ego, serving a higher purpose, skillful craftsmanship, perfectionism. organizational skills and criticism of self and others. Virgo in your chart will also reveal the how’s and where’s of the way you serve others in order to develop your soul and spirit and how you may get on a martyr trip or be overly critical of yourself and others.
‘TO BE OF SERVICE’.  A drum journey to honor hard-working diligent animals such as some Ants, some Bees, workhorses, domestic service animals, farm animals and others. What can you learn from these guides about the spiritual and non-monetary benefits of service. Find out which Animal Spirit Guides speak to you.

PART 3:  The Astrological 6th House:  Health, Work, Service, Coping with Challenges and Adversity
One of my favorite astrologers, Dana Gerhardt calls this the house of the inner mantra of “Do better, work harder”. This can bring success but also dis-ease of anxiety, stress and the physical body.

TAROT INTERPRETATION OF YOUR SIXTH HOUSE AND MERCURY: By looking at Tarot Archetypes and Court Cards that represent the sign and planets that reside in your 6th house, you will learn a lot about the ways you serve others, relationship with work and schedule, and strengths and challenges to your physical health. The 6th House reveals how you cope with the daily challenges of life and/or how you hide from them .  The placement of Mercury (The Magician) in your chart, reveals ways to use your focused intelligence to handle these problems. This quick witted, practical archetype can help generate the insight  to develop a plan to resolve crisis in ways that help you create a better life and evolve as a person. It will take work and willingness to change. You’ll analyze and journal about Mercury in your chart and any aspects to it and study the corresponding Tarot cards.
MAGICIAN TAROT CARD READING: Students will use a card spread and read for each other for guidance in using Mercury / Magician energy to resolve a crisis or develop useful routines that help you keep moving forward rather than getting stuck.
* * * * *

PART 4: Circle Back to The Hermit.
Students will use the ‘Who Am I’ partner meditation and the Socratic Method to revisit the beautiful, free and inquisitive mind of the Hermit.
Pay here to make an investment in yourself:  $45 – $75 sliding scale

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Cards in the illustration are  Hermit from Wild Unknown and Wheel of Change Tarots and 3 of Disks/Pentacles from Thoth, Wheel of Change and Rider Waite Tarots


The Theater of Life: The Lion Heart Way


Strength and The Sun Tarot archetypes / Leo, the Sun and the 5th House in your natal chart
Tuesday, August 15th.  6pm – 9pm

Private residence near downtown Tucson

Important Info: Upon registration, please email merriewolfie@gmail.com your birth data (month, day, year, location)so that your natal chart can be prepared in time for the workshop.

Tarot of the Old Path Explore your Natal Astrological Chart for the meanings and insights that the sign of Leo, the Sun and the 5th House have for you. You’ll use Tarot cards to interpret the meanings and find the archetypal stories that are being told.
There will be activities that emphasize the 3rd chakra (Solar Plexus where the Sun is obviously very at home). We’ll explore the courage, confidence, dramatic and passion for life associated with this energy center through breathwork, movement and vocalizing.
We’ll focus on Cat Energy which is emphasized in the Strength card and the sign of Leo the Lion. You’ll explore how body sensations can transmit intuitive and psychic information and ways to look for the ‘invisibles’ like cats seem to do when they’re staring very alertly at what appears to be empty space. You’ll practice these feline gifts for messages for yourself and then use them to ‘read’ other people in the workshop.
By looking deeply into the symbols of the Tarot Strength and Sun cards, you can better understand them and how they relate to your self-acceptance, self-worth, romantic confidence, holistic attitude toward self and life, and abilities to communicate, shape-shift and understand your Animal nature, animal spirits and the flesh & blood animals in your life. 
Of course Leo is associated with Romance, Creativity and Sex and in the Thoth deck the Strength card is renamed Lust! You’ll learn what Astrology and Tarot reveal about yourself as Lover and Luster (or lustrous lover?) and perhaps pick up some insights and tips on bringing the Happy to your love life from the cards and your chart. The 5th house in your natal chart will also illuminate your romantic and passionate nature.
If you’d like to join us, please contact merriewolfie@gmail.com or call / text 520-306-1701.

Lust / Strength from Thoth Tarot
Lust / Strength from Thoth Tarot


Sarah Wheatley Tarot

What if your royal chariot is an heroic she-crab that you ride through lively ocean waves in the moonlight? If you like that vision and question, you’ll probably love this workshop!

This Month’s Astro – Tarot Creative Workshop:
The Mysterious Forces That Pursue and Inspire You
The Tarot Chariot. Cancer the Crab. The Sensitive & Vulnerable 4th House.

Thursday, July 13th. 6pm -9pm
$40 – $60 sliding scale
Location: Cool cottage near Sentinel Peak / A Mountain
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The approach of this workshop is experiential. You’ll use journaling, do readings for each other, chakra attunement, movement, shamanic journey and interpret the relevant parts of your natal astrology chart through Tarot cards.

Part 1: The hard-shelled Crab is Cancer’s animal symbol. The Charioteer in Tarot often wears armor. We will explore unique Crustacean wisdom and teachings about Sensitivity, Protection of what’s most precious, and Emerging by overcoming fear or being driven by necessity. The group will use Journeying, guided meditation, movement and intuitive readings for each other. We’ll also invite Lobster, Crayfish and other sea and shore crusty creatures into our circle!

Part 2: The Chariot card in Tarot – the Hero, Athlete, Warrior, Martyr. Victor, the Vehicle of Change. (This card traditionally represents the zodiac sign of Cancer.) Each person will study their own Chariot card and some from other decks, noting which symbols are most meaningful for them. Each person will design their ideal vehicle and armor for moving toward a chosen goal. You may be as fanciful or technical as you like. This is the archetypal energy that helps you maintain focus on a goal and overcome obstacles.

Part 3: Your Natal chart and the sign of Cancer and the 4th House. By using the Tarot cards that represent the house and planets that are associated with Cancer in your chart and learn ways to intuitively grasp how your personality and life has been and is still expressing the sensitivity and nurturing nature of the sign of Cancer. This sign is maternal, fertile and protective!
The 4th House is deep and strange. As the astrologer Dana Gerhardt says “The 4th House rules home and family, ancestors and homeland. It may provide a literal retreat … But the 4th is just as much a retreat of the imagination. It is our psychic hearth. It holds the memories that both comfort and haunt us. As the base of our chart, it represents both the ground and mystery of our being. If we lean over the chasm of the 4th, we’ll find, as the poet Rilke wrote, “something dark and like a web, where a hundred roots are silently drinking.” Wow! You’ll explore this fertile territory though Tarot correspondences, divination and exploration of 2nd Chakra / Womb energy.

Part 4: MOON is the celestial body associated with the sign of Cancer. You’ll explore the lunar aspects of your chart and also connect with her through meditation, intuitive insight, psychic games and reading for classmates.

Note: There’s room for only 6 students in this workshop. If you want to register please do so soon by emailing merriewolfie@gmail.com. I’ll need your birth data to create your chart at least 24 hours before the workshop.

Elemental Tarot and NASA photo of Mercury

THE LOVERS & THE MAGICIAN / GEMINI AND MERCURY – Communication, Intimacy, Focus and Your Powers of Creation. 

Wednesday, June 7th. 6pm – 9pm
Private residence in Tucson AZ
$40 – $60 sliding scale. Register and pay here.

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The Lovers / Gemini and Magician / Mercury / 3rd House
Learn new skills and gain insights into your communication and relationship style by getting to know Tarot archetypes and their corresponding energies in Gemini, Mercury and the 3rd House in your astrological natal chart.

We’re enjoying the gabby, charming, curious and expressive sign of Gemini until June 21st.  The Lovers & The Magician represent expressive, very social, communicative  and ingenious elements of human nature and have long been associated with the sign of Gemini and planet Mercury.
Learn how the Tarot Lovers and the Tarot Magician are seeded into human nature, the subconscious and the collective unconscious. You’ll work with these archetypal powers and energies in creative ways through journaling, ‘acting out’ with your fellow students, seeing how they are symbolized in the cards,  in indigenous folkways  and Nature guides.  You’ll pinpoint specific places in your natal astrological chart that reveal something about your relationship and communication styles and how you can most successfully manifest your goals. Below is a description of the 4 parts of this workshop.

Part 1. The Lovers – Commitment to the Path of Relationship. We’ll study this card’s symbols and especially the number 6 and how it refers to to important choices and decisions, and a wisdom path that helps you choose the high road. Entering a committed relationship is on of the most important choices a person can make, and one must make decisions all along the way as the partnership continues or falls apart.  The 6 pointed Star of David is the union of two triangles, one upwards (fire) and one downwards (water) and symbolizes much more than Judaism. 6 if the number of the Lovers Card. All four 6’s in the four suits are also about choices. You will learn a drawing meditation based on this sacred shape that’s very helpful in making decisions that are important to you!

Part 2.  Magician has tricks to teach you so you can Make It So!  Magician is the card that represents Mercury, Gemini’s ruling planet. This archetype helps you focus on what you really want and then devise a plan to ‘make it so!’. The symbols of the 4 suits / 4 elements always appear on this card, because Fire (enthusiasm), Water (feeling), Air (intelligence) and Earth (resources) are needed to manifest. You’ll explore a personal goal or intention. Taking a hint from Magician, you’ll work on a success plan by analyzing how the 4 elements come into balance and play in your endeavor.

Part 3.  Gemini, the social butterfly and the ever curious.  By looking at your natal Gemini, the house it rules and any planets within it, much about the way you learn and communicate and your social persona can be revealed. By gazing at the corresponding Tarot cards you can intuit much about these aspects of yourself. Class role-play and a journey to the animals and symbols in your cards will bring more insight!

Part 4.  Mercury the messenger, the feather-footed god, is the planet closest to the Sun’s heat and moves quickly. From an Earth-based point of view, Mercury  has a quirky pattern of back and forth in the sky (retrograde and forward seasons). The placement of Mercury in house and sign in your chart reveals a lot about your communication style, teamwork and organization efforts and quickness ( or not) of thought.  Then there will be a  guided meditation about having a feathered head and feather feet and how that symbolism unfolds for you.

This workshop will take place on Wednesday June 7th from 6pm – 9pm at a private residence  in Tucson AZ

past events

Taurus: Grounding and the Good Life. Taurus & Venus enjoy the company of Hierophant & Empress.
Thursday, May 4th, 6pm – 9pm.

See complete description and details here!

Thoth, Animal Wisdom and Thoth Tarots
Taurus Hierophant Empress – will all attend the workshop!