Set Your Summer Compass gathering

Set Your Summer Compass gathering

Thursday, June 24th, 2021
9am – 10am
Private residence in midtown Tucson near Country Club and Grant

This Summer Solstice Gathering will be held indoors because of the extreme heat. At 9am it’s forecast to be well over 90 degrees.

Honor the change of season by attending this gathering Monday morning, the first full day of Summer offered at a generous $10 – $25 sliding scale. This workshop can also be adapted as an individual one hour or 90 minute private session, but the price structure will differ.

We’ll thank the Sun for all the desert beauty that’s created by solar light and use affirmations, chants and other ways to focus on appreciation for water and monsoon rains. We’ll ask to be  frequently visited by monsoon rainfall during this Summer of 2021. We will also offer apologies and compassion to our native desert plants and animals for the hardship and damage climate change does to them.

In Tarot, the Fire element represents Spring and Water represents Summer, Spring is the period of rapid growth of plants, and Summer the season of rain and ongoing flowering.  Through breathwork, movement and writing you’ll find or create personal intentions to develop and enjoy some of the gifts of the water element this Summer, such as –
* relationships of all kinds,
* community,
* sensuality,
* sharing,
* connection,
* nourishment,
* expressing feelings
* flowering of your own creativity

You’ll go on a short trance journey to the Flower World.

You’ll choose Tarot or Animal cards for each of the 3 Summer zodiac months of the Summer (Cancer, Leo & Virgo) and find their interpretation through the creative guidance of your facilitator.

WHAT TO BRING: A notebook, drinking water,  an item that reminds you of the nourishing, connective, healing or cleansing power of water.
PLEASE RSVP:  520-306-1701 or or by making a payment.
SCHEDULE, PRICE and PAYMENT.  Sliding scale $10 – $25. Please pay in advance by using the payment buttons below or Zelle to
DATE  Monday, June 21st, 2021.
TIME  9am – 10:30am
LOCATION  Private residence in midtown Tucson near Country Club and Grant. You’ll receive the address and directions after your payment is received.

Sliding scale $10 – $25. Payment buttons below

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