New Moon Workshop

Gaian Tarot

Setting Goals at the New Moon the Wholistic Way

Consulting Heart, Mind & Soul as You Create Goals for the Next Lunar Month
New Moon.  Tuesday, December 19th.  5pm – 6:30pm
Private Residence in Tucson near Sentinel Peak / A Mountain
Sliding Scale:  $20 – $40 (scroll down for Payment Buttons)
RSVP or 520-306-1701

New Moon is the phase for imagining, playing with and dreaming up new plans and goals. The newness of the moon relates to innocence, curiosity, birth, childhood and love. This is also a sweet time for expressing your inner child and listening to what they want. The child within is with you all through your life, but is sometimes forgotten or overlooked. 

* The workshop will begin with a ritual to honor New Moon that will be comfortable and inclusive for people of any creed, belief or religion.
* You’ll develop and  look at your goals for the month through the eyes of your Inner Child, Soul, Adult and the Community Member. You won’t necessarily be serving them all, but it’s wise and wholesome to consult them. 
* You’ll create a convenient way you can track your progress as we move through the lunar month.
We will use card divination, intuition enhancing meditation, journaling, journey and sharing.

Sliding Scale $20 – $40

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