New Moon Hike

Welcome In the New Moon on Red Hawk Hill

A sweet Hike, Meditation, Journey & Divination Circle
Thursday, November 8, 2018
Noon – 1:30pm
in connecting to New Moon Good Vibrations: $5 – $20 sliding scale
Location & Directions:  
Red Eagle Hill trailhead is about 1/3 of the way up Sentinel Peak Parkway, at the first parking lot on the right.

Enjoy the sweetness of the New Moon phase, which opens us to creativity, imagination, trust and sweetness. What an excellent time to catch a dream or fantasy that has the possibility of becoming reality over the next Lunar month.

* We take a short hike (10 – 15 minutes each way) to the hill top.
* Please have a wish or an intention that you’d like to see take root and blossom over the next Lunar month.
* We’ll do a little chanting and rhythm making – you’re welcome to bring small rattles and little bells. Delicacy in rhythm making respects the birds who are tending to their new born squawkers! In fact, we may do some call and response with the woodpeckers, letting them take the lead!
* We’ll do some gentle Qi Gong movements that connect Earth and Sky and the excellent Chi that gathers at this abundantly healthy location.
* Everyone will draw an animal and a tarot card for guidance.
* There’s a short journey / meditation to the spirit of Red Eagle (or whatever guide comes to you). Red Eagle carries Loving Spirit Father energy and brings encouragement and insight that can help you to take wise actions toward reaching your goals and have the confidence to do so. He’s also a healer of those with ‘father issues’. He embodies the archetype of the Good Father who wants only the best for you, and believes in and protects you.
* You can share (if you wish to) about the journey dream seed you’d like to plant and nourish over the next lunar month.
* Hike back to the trailhead and cars or bikes.

Saguaros and the view from Red Hawk Hill