Ancient Wild Horse Channel

(A channelled message that came through several years ago, I drummed and danced for horse, and then the poem came through, all done, my pen was racing with the words, writing them down.)

Ancient Wild Horse Speaks

I am the soul of the ancient wild horse that’s inside of every living being

The soul of the one who has never been enslaved
who has never been coerced
Who has never had sharp metal put in their feet and  mouth.

I am the one who is spirit natural born
Natural born to freedom and excitement

I am here to heal everything in you that has been whipped
That has been molested, that has been used
That has been tricked, that has been made to be a servant through starvation
And forced you  to kneel and beg to be nourished.

I am the kingly and queenly spirit that lives within all beings
From someplace deep in your heart and your soul
You know that you are still intact

Your dignity is still intact
Your wholeness is still intact
I say this to all the women who’ve been beaten
To all the soldiers who’ve been conscripted
To all the poor working folke who’ve been made to go into toxic mines and factories
To all the many peoples who’ve been enslaved
And even to the richest and most brutal of men 
For they are slaves, too, of money and greed
Slaves of the scorching fear inside them.

Find my spirit inside you
And you will do what’s right by yourself and others.

Find the most holy ancient spirit of horse within you
And you shall fly
You shall run with joy as if you’re flying
As you race through the water and the wind,
Over warm earth and over stones
You will know what freedom really is
Even if only in your dreams, in your journeys
This is our shared Gaian soul.

Knowing me will protect you
From falling apart
From being in despair
From being bedraggled with the burdens you sometimes carry
and your ancestors had to carry.

I will 
and you will 
be resplendent with dignity.
Run with me.