Channeling Nature

Interspecies Conversations: Channeling Nature Spirits workshop
Monday, February 26th. 6pm- 8pm
Tucson, AZ. Please contact for address
Sliding scale $20 to $40. Prepay here or at the door.

$20       $30      $40

Every person has intuition and the ability to sense the energy of other beings just as surely as every person has the ability to reason and understand cause and effect. During this workshop you’ll practice tuning into the presence and intelligence of nature beings of other species– you might encounter hawk, gopher, snake, boulder, buffelgrass, cloud … the possibilities are as diverse as Nature.

During this workshop, we’ll use drumming, tea, movement, journey and incense to enter a safe, legal ‘altered’ state which facilitates the ability to connect to the consciousness of a being who is something other than human.  It may be the spirit of an entire species or of an individual.

At the beginning, you’ll do some quick writing experiments to open your mind and perception. Channeling is a mix of listening without judgment and giving your mind, voice and sometimes body, to another consciousness for a short time. These beings (animal, plant, geological) like to share what it’s like to sense, live and perceive in their physical form. They have wisdom and experiences to share, and sometimes a message for a particular person. Animals, plants, rocks, rivers, the sun, moon and stars were recognized as spiritual brethren and teachers long before the industrialization of human culture and the gathering of millions into huge cities. Our nature relatives have missed being in communication with us. The primary goal in this gathering is to welcome and listen to some of these spirits.

Please bring notebook / journal, pen, mat, comfortable clothes to the workshop. If you’d like to make art, bring those supplies. If you’d like to record your ‘channel’ or song, you can use your phone or other audio recorder.

Merrie has been experiencing channels and downloads from creatures and stones and trees all of her life but for a long time didn’t know what to call them. In the past five years this experience has been more and more available to her during waking hours. It’s lovely to help and encourage others to find their abilities in animal communication and channeling. There’s a quickening of spirit when a group meets with just such a shared heartfelt intent!