Mystical Deep Tarot workshops

The 6 session Mystical Deep Tarot is psychological, soulful, shamanic and experimental, based on old knowledge that there are many personalities within one body / mind. This isn’t referring to possession or the psychotic disorder known as MPD. It’s referring to a natural state of inner life as was known to many ancient cultures where one person might have many different names, styles, genders and roles in the community, Today’s open-minded and creative psychologists say that many personalities existing within one person is natural and healthy!
This class looks at healing and divination as a way of going beyond the idea of human beings and nature as consistent machines that are designed to be productive, an idea that paralleled the Industrial Age. Now there’s a tendency to see people as Technological Coded Entities who have hardware, software, codes and programs. These can also be limiting in the same way as the idea that humans and animals are simply machines. A long time ago I read a philosopher who said “Rather than machines becoming more like humans, humans are becoming much more like the machines they use”. You can see this in social media, too, that technocrats design addictive systems to manipulate people into interacting, feeling and thinking in certain ways.
These workshops will present a way you can explore the mystery of many personalities within one. Tarot archetypes represent essential parts of human nature that can reveal many other selves within you or that you’ve noticed in others. Some you might want to merge with and others might repel you. Of course, there are many more ‘types’ than in Tarot, but it’s a good place to start. The insights you gain can be liberating and help you in compassionately understanding yourself and others.
People who work in the fields of psychology, education, therapy, or other professions that render care and encouragement may find great benefit in these workshops. Personally, I’ve been doing this work for a while now and it’s taken me deep into lucid dreaming, past/parallel lives, and deeper self-acceptance and flowering of some interests that had felt ‘forbidden’. When you accept your own multiplicity and what may be inconsistency, you might feel a flowering and self-acceptance that you’ll then be able to share with others.