Moon Phase Creativity

Ready to bloom

~ Moon Phase Creativity & Goals ~

A Lunar Month of 5 Workshops
to move forward toward specific inner life and outer life goals. This creative approach is inspired by the moon phases, animal guides and archetypes.

Moon Phase Creativity & Goals consists of 5 differing workshops that you can take either:
– in a group setting in Tucson AZ (dates and times listed below)
– as private sessions in Tucson or by phone or Skype
It is strongly recommended you take all 5 workshops for best results!

The purpose of these workshops is to nourish an inner and an outer life goal you’ve selected and committed to by aligning to Lunar forces and wisdom that create a natural and flowing path to growth and success and make a powerful connection to and appreciation for our Lady Moon.

Although the New Moon begins Monday December 18th, the workshop series begins with the Dark of the Moon that immediately precedes it. The Dark Moon workshop (Dissolving Moon / Evolving Butterfly) is a powerful way to release old habits, patterns and painful attachments of your choosing. This creates the  clarity and ease for the New Moon energy to blossom. Think of it this way – to be able to take a satisfying full deep inhale, you need to first powerfully exhale and clear.

Dark Moon. You work with some tried and true  healing techniques to dissolve painful habits, patterns and attachments and then conjure and visualize the new, happier form and content (imprint) you want that old energy to take.  Guided Meditation. Journey. Journalling. Divination. Breath and Color Work are summoned.  Caterpillar – Chrysalis – Butterfly inspired this deep and gentle process.
New Moon.  The phase for imagining, playing with and dreaming up new plans and goals for inner and outer development. Learn to check out your goals with your Inner Child & Benevolent Being as a way to consult the soulful self. Soul needs to be in agreement.  Check in to find what’s truly motivating you toward different possible goals. Find animal spirit guides to accompany you. Developing ways to coach and track your progress.
Waxing Quarter Moon. A time to fine tune your goals. Divination about what’s working and what’s not since planting your intentions at New Moon. Conjure productive actions and problem solving ideas. Visualization for the coming week.  Write and practice affirmations that are right for you.
Full Moon.  This 2 hour workshop uses The Full Spectrum Full Moon card divination to reveal hidden gifts and parts of self that want to shine. Ritual, journey and affirmations for determining how you can shine out and share what you’ve been working on in the past 2 weeks.
Waning Quarter Moon.  Harvesting the work you’ve done. Divination to determine what may need to be tweaked or changed for the results you most want. Create a story, myth or archetypal figure that expresses the path of this lunar month so far. Story telling, drawing, song singing, movement and other creative arts can come into play. 

Dark Moon and Full Moon workshops are 2 hours. New, Waxing Quarter and Waning Quarter workshops are 1 -1/2 Hours.
Dark Moon / Dissolving Moon.  Sunday, December 17th, 2 hours.  1pm – 3pm
New Moon. 
Tuesday, December 19th.  6:30 – 8:00

Waxing Quarter Moon.  Wednesday, December 27th.  6:30 – 8:00
Full Moon. Tuesday, January 2nd.  6:30 – 8:30
Waning Quarter Moon.  Monday, January 8th.  6:30 – 8:00

Price for all 5 group workshops:  $150.  Buy Now Button

Please contact Merrie if you need the financial aid price of $100.
To register email
Location: Private residence near Sentinel Peak / A Mountain in Tucson

This option provides flexible scheduling and because the energy will be single focus, these are shorter than the group workshops but just as much is accomplished.   Dark Moon and Full Moon sessions are  1 -1/2 hours (90 minutes). The New, Waxing Quarter and Waning Quarter are 1 hour.  (6 hours total.)
Each of your 5 private sessions can be scheduled within the following time spans ~

Dark Moon.  Thursday, December 14th ~ Sunday, December 17th.  1  1/2 hours.
New Moon.  Monday, December 18th ~ Friday December 22nd.  1 hour.
Waxing Quarter Moon.  Sunday, December 24th ~ Thursday, December 28th. 1 hour.
Full Moon.  Saturday, December 30th ~ January 3rd.  1-1/2 hours.
Waning Quarter Moon.  Saturday, January 6th ~ Wednesday, January 10th. 1 hour.

PRICE, PAYMENT & LOCATION for personal workshop sessions
Price for all five workshops as individually tailored sessions

$300. ($60 savings when paying for all) Buy Now Button

Please contact Merrie if you need the financial aid price of $250.

Price for each workshop if paid separately:  

$90 each for Dark or Full Moon. Buy Now Button
$60 each for New, Waxing or Waning Moon. Buy Now Button

Location: Private residence near Sentinel Peak / A Mountain in Tucson or long distance by phone or Skype