Labor Day 2020 Half Price Sale


Phone readings only due to Covid-19.

Purchase and schedule your 50% off Tarot & Totem private sessions here!  There are 3 choices available: Half hour, 45 minute or one hour appointments but not 90 minute or Tarot-Astrology.

This sale is offered

Monday Sept 7th 2pm through Tuesday Sept 8th 2pm.

Pay here or at

Half Hour session. Half Price.  $15   Buy Now Button

45 minute session. Half Price.  $22.50   Buy Now Button

One hour session. Half Price.  $30   Buy Now Button

Contact Merrie to reserve your time at or 520-306-1701.

Recording uploaded to Dropbox is included with your session, and one photo of your cards (rather than separate photos for each one).

Location: By phone 520-306-1701.

Topics and questions most suitable for divination have subtle, varied answers. They can range from practical choices (for example increasing your financial abundance), to esoteric issues such as exploring past life experiences and connections, to relationships such as how to be in conflict in a compassionate, creative way. Below are some suggested topics for readings, but you’re not limited to these.

If you want to align with Labor Day, this holiday is especially related to work, vocation, calling, equality, workers rights, sharing the wealth, solidarity around social and political causes. Because Covid-19 has so many social and political ramifications, issues around the pandemic are also very relevant on Labor Day.

Other good topics for this time: Anything related to Virgo such as How to be of service, Practical steps to achieving a goal, Physical well being, Dealing with and healing depression.