June Full Moon Gathering ~ The Archer & The Twins

Full Moon in Sagittarius Gathering
Sunday June 16th.  1pm – 2pm

The Archer and The Twins.  Full Moon in Sag / Sun in Gemini
Sunday, June 16th.  1pm – 2pm
Sliding Scale: $5 – $25 (payment buttons at end of page)

This one hour gathering will feature divination, movement and a guided meditation to prepare you for the Full Moon occurring in Tucson at 1:31am Monday.

The Archer & The Twins: Connecting to the Sagittarius Full Moon
The independent archer and the companion-seeking twins create this Full Moon of Fire (Sagittarius Moon) and Air (Gemini Sun).  Fire and Air are both yang. There’s a lot of potential for gaining energy and clear vision to activate your goals especially the ones that bring together practical action and spiritual path.

Location and Number of Attendees: Because of location at private home near Ina & Oracle, this gathering is limited to 10 people so please pay in advance here to reserve your place or make other arrangements with Merrie. Address given upon registration / payment.

Payment:  Please use payment buttons at the end of this page.

Two Intentions empower this gathering:
1  Honoring the abundant Jupiterian energy. Jupiter is in its home sign of Sagittarius this year. Optimism, Freedom, Pushing Beyond Self Imposed Limitations.
2 Find the flow between Sag and Gemini qualities
* your independence-loving Sagittarius elements of inner truth, spiritual beliefs and adventurous creativity
* the people-pleasing Gemini gifts of curiousity, communication and relationships
These are the ‘opposite’ energies of Sag and Gemini but when perspective is broadened these two have a lot in common ~ a creative busy mind, truth seeking, a desire to learn and teach and communicate with others, and more.


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