Hierophant / Taurus / Empress workshop

Thoth, Animal Wisdom and Thoth Tarots
Taurus Hierophant Empress – will all attend the workshop!

Taurus: Grounding and the Good Life.
Taurus & Venus enjoy the company of Hierophant & Empress.
Thursday, May 4th, 6pm – 9pm.

Location: Private residence near Ina & Oracle (roomy and comfortable)
Investment: Sliding scale $40 – $60. (make your payment here)
If you plan to attend please email me you birth data at merriewolfie@gmail.com so your chart can be prepared: information needed is date, year, hour and minute, and location of your birth.

     In this workshop you’ll get to know the Hierophant and Empress major archetypes of the Tarot in creative ways. Their link to human nature and psychology is the need /desire for stability, wealth, values, community respect, creativity, warmth and romance. Their animal allies are Bull, Bison, Cow, Peacock and Songbird. This is an interactive workshop that’s both fun and deep. You’ll use role-playing, imaginative writing, body postures and movements, and examine your astrological natal chart’s 2nd House, Taurus and Venus.  Tarot cards that correspond to the astrological signs, houses and planets will help you intuit and analyze the astrological information and what it tells you about your personal gifts and challenges regarding – finances, stability, traditions, values, romance, fertility of all kinds and more.

PART 1:  HIEROPHANT – The positives of this archetype are stability, wise and successful in matters of property and finances, desire to live a life in accordance with meaningful values and ethics, devoted to a spiritual tradition, skillful within their craft, climbs the ladder of success, follows rules and traditions. The negative possibilities are being obsessed with money and materialism more than anything else in life, misusing spiritual gifts to manipulate others, becoming a false prophet who misleads and steals from others, racism and sexism and other forms of oppression to protect the established law and order, great fear of change. Status and status quo are of great importance.
Both Taurus and Hierophant represent the basic part of human nature that wants stability, reliability, wealth, personal value system, love, a good home and creature comforts. By examining Hierophant cards, role-playing, imaginative writing and though other creative modalities, you’ll explore this part of yourself, how to approach or evolve it so it’s most helpful to you.
TAURUS, its astrological house and the planets within it in your natal chart will reveal a lot about the ways that Hierophant archetype is most active in your life. For instance if Taurus rules your 7th house of partnership and marriage, you may seek out personal and business partners who are stable, reliable and good with money and tend to be deeply committed to these relationships.

PART 2:   SECOND HOUSE is related to some Taurus concerns such as wealth, stability, values, family or origin, heredity. The sign(s) and the planets and sensitive points in your natal 2nd house will reveal some of your gifts and the challenges relating to these issues. You’ll work with the Tarot cards that correspond to 2nd house and its signs and planets to see which areas of your life are most affected by Taurus – Hierophant qualities.You’ll use imagination to visualize your ideal home and possessions. This will be fun and somewhat fanciful!

PART 3:  THE EMPRESS & VENUS. The Empress is the Tarot major that corresponds to the astrological Venus, and Empress is more complex, she symbolizes Mother Earth, all growing plants and foods, pregnancy, motherhood as well as sex, love and romantic attraction. Venus, of course is the goddess of love and romance, desire for beautiful surroundings, luxury and pleasure. And of course, vanity!

You’ll read some poetry and dance to some music that celebrates nature and how she inspires and nourishes us. You’ll ‘channel’ or work with spontaneous writing what Empress has to share with you and others. To connect with Venus you’ll explore what Romance and Romantic mean to you – traveling to unknown lands with your honey? similar tattoos? or maybe you’re in love with a river or stream and spend quality time with it?

What are the gifts and challenges of your Romantic Life? Looking at Venus, her sign and house in your natal chart can reveal your attitude about love and attraction, and the parts of life you romanticize. Empress is about romance too, but also about fertility, domestic happiness, children and pets. Venus, its sign, house and nearby planets in your chart will have something to teach about all or some of these matters and you’ll investigate this by using the Tarot cards that correspond to your chart placements.

This workshop has the makings of a lovely evening!