Full Moon Gatherings


The luna-loving gathering is one hour and 15 minutes long.
Tuesday July 16th, 2019
6:30pm – 7:45pm
$5 – $25 sliding scale.  Scroll down a little for payment buttons.
Location  is a private residence near Ina & Oracle, please RSVP Yes for directions.
Limit: 7 guests.

At this Full Moon Gathering on Tuesday night, we’ll use mantra, rhythm, poetics, divination and affirmations to celebrate and connect to the generosity of the Full Moon.  If there’s no rain, we’ll be inside in the AC. If the monsoon visits, we may spend some of our time in the rain. Rain-wet hair feels good but you’re welcome to bring raingear or an umbrella.

We’ll focus on Generosity, Passion, Feelings, Intuition, Creativity 

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Full Moon in Sagittarius Gathering
Sunday June 16th.  1pm – 2pm

The Archer and The Twins.  Full Moon in Sag / Sun in Gemini
Sunday, June 16th.  1pm – 2pm
Sliding Scale: $5 – $25 (payment buttons at end of page)

This one hour gathering will feature divination, movement and a guided meditation to prepare you for the Full Moon occurring in Tucson at 1:31am Monday.

The Archer & The Twins: Connecting to the Sagittarius Full Moon
The independent archer and the companion-seeking twins create this Full Moon of Fire (Sagittarius Moon) and Air (Gemini Sun).  Fire and Air are both yang. There’s a lot of potential for gaining energy and clear vision to activate your goals especially the ones that bring together practical action and spiritual path.

Location and Number of Attendees: Because of location at private home near Ina & Oracle, this gathering is limited to 10 people so please pay in advance here to reserve your place or make other arrangements with Merrie. Address given upon registration / payment.

Payment:  Please use payment buttons at the end of this page.

Two Intentions empower this gathering:
1  Honoring the abundant Jupiterian energy. Jupiter is in its home sign of Sagittarius this year. Optimism, Freedom, Pushing Beyond Self Imposed Limitations.
2 Find the flow between Sag and Gemini qualities
* your independence-loving Sagittarius elements of inner truth, spiritual beliefs and adventurous creativity
* the people-pleasing Gemini gifts of curiousity, communication and relationships
These are the ‘opposite’ energies of Sag and Gemini but when perspective is broadened these two have a lot in common ~ a creative busy mind, truth seeking, a desire to learn and teach and communicate with others, and more.