Full Moon in Pisces Circle

The Moon is in the opposite sign of the Sun at every Full Moon, and this month the mystical, dreamy, creative Pisces Moon balances the practical, orderly, scientific Virgo Sun. Attend this event to invite this potent light and soulfulness into your process.

Full Moon in Pisces Circle

Saturday Sept 10th.  9:30am-10:45am.  (1 hour and 15 minutes)
specifically Full Moon in Pisces occurs at just about 3am pacific time on Sept 10th

Attend in person in midtown Tucson or on Zoom.

Sliding Scale: $15-$35.  Prepayment required unless other arrangements are made.

To register contact Merrie at 520-306-1701 or merriewolfie@gmail.com. In person attendance limited to 5 guests so there can be appropriate social distancing. Up to 6 Zoom participants can join. Masks are optional.

To attend this circle, please bring 

* a dream snippet that’s meaningful and powerful to you, it can be a dream you had last night, one from childhood or any time in between.

* a notion of some creative work you want to birth or expand – it could be planting some flowers or an art retrospective or a new habit / pattern, something that would make your soul happy, for Pisces is very soulful.

You’ll work with:

* unfolding the power of your dream imagery and

* combining the solar force of practicality (Virgo) with surrender (Pisces) to spontaneous creative inspiration

We’ll use movement, breath, drumming, guided meditation, journaling and/or journey

A special dreamy flower essence will be on sale for $10, usually $15, it’s a mixture of pomegranate, lemon balm and lavender flowers. You can try the flower essence during the workshop and see how it feels for you.