Private Workshop – Dark Moon Dissolving

Experience this workshop privately, just for you, you and another, or a group that you want to work with consciously to dissolve some of the painful blocks between you. I t can be designed to work with you in a tailored way.

in person or on Zoom


Private Individual or Group Workshop: This is very deep process works very well when offered as an individual session/healing or to a group of people who know each other well private groups which are most often families, couples, other kinds of partners or folks with a meaningful shared goal or shared life. Remarkable progress has been made among family members with long held resentment and fear. For groups, each person needs to have the desire to be present and to be sincerely open.

Go here to see the description of the group workshop process. Your individualized experience will be similar.

The cost is $180 for two hours.

To schedule, please text (520) 306-1701 or email merriewolfie