Preparation / What To Bring – Dissolving workshop

Greetings friendly Dark Moon workshoppers!  I’m happy that you’ll be attending the Dissolving Moon / Evolving Butterfly workshop!

Please be on time or 5 to 10 minutes early. The workshop begins with a Guided Meditation that invites you into the dissolving process of transformation in a deep and personal way. Everyone loves this part of the workshop and you don’t want to miss it!

Payment: You can prepay on line or through or through Zelle to

If you’re staying for 2 hours, the price is $25 – $35 sliding scale.

If you’re staying for 3 hours, add an extra amount of $10 – $20 sliding scale.

Here are a few helpful notes about preparation and what to bring with you.

Please take some time before the workshop to get a feeling for what you’re ready to dissolve. There will be time during the workshop to go through the dissolving process for a negative energy cord or attachment that is connected to the outer world; and to dissolve a negative or destructive inner habit or pattern. The negative attachment and the pattern may be similar or they can be entirely different issues.

The energy cord / attachment will be about a place, event, memory or aspects of a relationship that feels negative, hurtful or draining. If it’s a person who you want to maintain a relationship with, it’s possible to dissolve the negative attachment but leave the positive.

The inner habit / pattern is one you’re done with and ready to bring to closure.  When you consider this, think about and imagine what you would like to create in place of the pattern or habit – a new habit or attitude? An example might be – If you have a pattern of feeling unworthy when a positive opportunity appears in your life, you could dissolve that pattern and imprint the neutral energy with the desired pattern of saying yes to positive opportunities and feeling happy and satisfied about it.
You may come up with more than one negative attachment and more than one pattern. We won’t have time to do all of them but You’ll receive a printed description of the Dissolving Process after the workshop so you’ll be able to work with this process at home.

A notebook or journal and a pen / pencil
Water or other non-alcoholic beverage
A yoga mat if you have one (I have a few extras you can use if you don’t have one)
Wear comfy clothes – you’ll be sitting on the floor and laying down during the opening guided meditation and the closing integration journey

Feel free to email or call me at 520-306-1701 with any questions.