Dark Moon Workshop

Use the natural power of the final phase in a moon month to sweep away what harms or is done and focus on the colorful transformations you desire!

Dissolving Moon, Evolving Butterfly
Dark /New Moon workshop

Sunday, July 28th, 2pm – 4pm
(with option for an extra hour until 5pm).
You may pay and register here
Price is $25 for 2 hours, $35 for 3 hours.

If you’re not able to pay this amount, please contact me. We can probably find a way for you to attend.

Private home near Ina & Oracle in Tucson. Address given upon RSVP Yes to merriewolfie@gmail.com.
$25 for 2 hours.  $35 for 3 hours.  Handouts with detailed description of this process are given to all attendees. (If this price is a hardship, we can probably make arrangements so you can attend. Please contact me at merriewolfie@gmail.com)

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Private Individual or Group Workshop: This is very deep process works very well when offered as an individual session/healing or to a group of people who know each other well private groups which are most often families, couples, other kinds of partners or folks with a meaningful shared goal or shared life. Remarkable progress has been made among family members with long held resentment and fear. For groups, each person needs to have the desire to be present and to be sincerely open.

Please register by emailing merriewolfie@gmail.com 
COST: $80 for each attendee (can be from 1 to 6 people)
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This gathering will introduce you to techniques to dissolve patterns and harmful energetic cords and connections into pure and formless energy which can then be imagined or imprinted with happier and more productive feelings, thoughts and goals – i.e. happier beingness!

Butterfly is the animal guide for this dark moon event. Rather than cutting cords or banishing habits, we’re going to dissolve the old to make room for the new, like the caterpillar dissolves in the chrysalis (cocoon). The miracle of the Caterpillar – Chrysalis – Butterfly transformation is one of Nature’s most amazing feats. Earth-bound and heavy caterpillar rolls up and hangs from a leaf or branch and proceeds to ‘dissolve’ his old body into a rich fluid. In this soup there are little ‘imaginal cells’ also called embryonic seeds, which become wings, legs, antenna and all the other parts that wholly create butterfly. Something dissolves into nothing and then creates itself as a completely new creature!

Please note: Issues that are very intense and that you’re not sure you want to let go of, may not be suitable for this workshop. Please email me if you have questions about this). During the workshop, you’ll dissolve issues you’ve worked on and have some insight into, and that you’re sure you are  ready to detach from. This is an energetic release which is quite different than therapy but very effective.

* We start the workshop with introductions and a little information about the process
* Each person writes down a thing or two they want to dissolve and be done with
*  There’s a guided meditation journey that connects you on the imagination level with the Caterpillar – Chrysalis – Butterfly sequence
* You’ll use an easy to learn process to dissolve negative energy cords/connections that are attached to other people, beings, locations, things or even to past lives. These cords are connections to something or someone external that is depleting or harming you.
* You’ll use a similar technique  to dissolve a pattern or habit (it’s a slightly different process. Patterns and habits are more internalized than cords.
*  To search for subconscious fears or blocks, you’ll use a divination to check in with the subconscious. Divination goes below the surface and comes back with information from the depths. The surrender to ‘randomness’ is also a surrender to the subconscious and divine healing. There’s often subconscious resistance to change, in ~ fears of the unknown get stoked or there’s a feeling of not having ‘permission ‘ to change. This process will help you dissolve resistance!
* You’ll work with Recapitulation a process to call back your ‘lost energy / fragments fo self’ from traumatizing or disturbing memories.
* At the end, the group will take a shamanic drum  journey to integrate all the healing that happened during the workshop.

IF YOU’RE PLANNING TO ATTEND, please click this link for info about how to prepare and what to bring:  Preparation and What To Bring to the Workshop