Healing at Dark Moon ~ Workshop

Workshop:  Healing Practices for the Dark Moon 
Sunday, March 3rd, 6pm – 7:30pm
Bisbee AZ area. Address given upon registration.
Sliding scale $15-$30. Cash or online through PayPal  
(payment buttons will be added soon or you can send directly through PayPal to merriewolfie@gmail.com)
To register contact 520-306-1701 or merriewolfie@gmail.com

To prepare:  Give some thought to what you want to release. Feel into your heart and body about what’s no longer right for you. You can share as much or as little as you want about this in the group. Bring a journal and pen! You’ll probably want to jot some things down.
We begin with a guided meditation and end with divination. In between you’ll explore and experiment with herbs, animal totems that resonate, tarot archetypes, incenses and breathwork /color visualization techniques that encourage and inspire you to connect with Dark Moon energy for clearing, cleansing and dissolving that which does harm in your life. Dark Moon phase begins early Monday morning (March 5th 8am MST)and continues for 48 hours.
Hint: Spirit appreciates it when you do your healing and ceremonial work with sincerity and thoughtfulness.

These are some of the allies we may explore for aligning with Dark Moon healing:
Herbs and Teas: ginger, chaparral, hot peppers.
Incenses: Bundled Creosote Frankincense, Myrhh, Copal
Animal Guides: Black Panther come Vulture, Snake, Caterpillar/ Butterfly and other metamorphic insects.
Meditation and Qi Gong
Magickal Locations: Anywhere that reminds you of being in a chrysalis or cocoon, cave, waterfall, a metamorphic bed (not sure what that is, but it will come to me!)
Diet: Fasting (in a way that doesn’t have negative effect on your health), Eating sour or bitter foods, simple soups.
Sleep Pattern:  Go to bed earlier and sleep later than usual, use music, medications, or other ways to increase the likelihood of dreaming.
Breathwork and Color Visualization:  Using gentle breathing that accentuates the exhale while bringing in colors and spirit guides that you trust to help you let go and move forward can be very effective.

Below are cards from the completely charming Animal Wisdom Tarot. These are 4 Tarot archeypes with Dark Moon wisdom:
Priestess Cat– subtle, intuitive, precise ~ the Moon Goddess
Rabbit Dreamer Moon– alternate realities, going down the rabbit hole, imagination heals!
Bull Hierophant ~ specialist in ceremony and ritual
Bat Hanged Man~ surrenders to stillness to prepare for rebirth

Animal Wisdom Tarot Dark Moon
Tarot Archetypes related to Dark Moon magick