Benevolent Fire ~ The Inner King

Benevolent Fire
Courage, Confidence & The Inner King
Saturday January 6th.    10am – Noon
To register:  520-306-1701 or
Sliding Scale:  $20 – $50 (see payment buttons below)

The workshop is crafted to help you light and protect the fire within that encourages you to confidently explore your own path, to set boundaries, hold to your own truth and speak it even if it creates tension, and develop the ‘roar’ and courage to resist the repression of patriarchal culture and heal from shame and self-repression you may have internalized. And by the way, this is a buoyant positive energy!

What is Benevolent Fire?
Tarot connection: Emperor, Sun, and Wand Court Cards and what they reveal about benevolent fire energy

Body & Spirit:
* 3rd Chakra / Manipura / Inner Sun
* The Inner King and Raptors – Red Tail Hawk & Eagle
* Breath of Fire
* Animal Guides for 3rd Chakra nourishment
* Poses and locomotion that create physical feeling of confidence and courage.
* Journaling: Where / how do you most want this Inner Sun / Benevolent Fire energy active in your life?

* 15 minute guided meditation
* Journal & share (if desired) your meditation experience

Practical Support
* Create affirmations that work well for you
* How can you discern the  music, entertainment, food that supports your Benevolent Fire energy?  Which friends and social groups do? * * * * What can you display around your house that will remind and uplift you (photos, plants, books … )
* Draw or visualize and describe an inner sun design

An Animal & Tarot card that reveal more about this work and what it means for you

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