Deep Tarot 8 Week Workshop

8 Weeks of Deep Tarot workshops on Zoom
Mondays 9:30am – 11:30 am mst

Beginning February 6 through March 27, 2023

This series is simply called Deep Tarot, and in it you’ll take a journey through all 78 cards of two different Tarot decks (of your choice). You’ll get to know your decks through study and intuitive connections. If you’ve taken these workshops before, you can do them again with two new decks.

As said above, you’ll  use two Tarot decks of your choosing for this workshop. It’s recommended that they be quite different from each other in style and symbols, but it’s ok if they’re not.

These workshops are appropriate for beginners or those who are very familiar with Tarot.

The first week (February 6) we’ll focus on the 4 Aces and the symbols for the 4 elements in the decks you’ve chosen to take a deep dive into. The 4 elements imbue the Tarot with Nature’s wisdom and magick and at least one of them is present on every card.

The next 3 weeks (February 13, 20 and 27) are spent in a deep dive into the Majors in ways you may not have perceived or thought about them before. A multi-modality approach is taken, encouraging body movement, journaling, writing affirmations, role play and other fun and memorable ways of experiencing the Majors. 

The final 4 workshops (March 6, 13, 20 and 21) you’ll study the Minor Arcana including Court Cards (Ace through 10 plus the 4 face cards) for each of the 4 suits and we’ll delve into the numerology, symbols, meanings and especially the four elements of Fire, Water, Air and Earth. You’ll also see how the Minors and Courts can represent the character and actions of particular Majors. 


Whichever decks you’re working with, you’ll gain insight into how the images are constructed and how, in a reading, the visual details can flow from one card to another to tell a story or deliver messages. 

During the first hour and a half of each workshop, the focus will be on learning. During the final half hour, the focus will be on experimenting with what you’ve learned. You’ll get a lot of practice in ‘reading the story’ by following the flow of the symbols and tuning into the ‘voice’ of the different cards. This invites in your creative intuition which is often quite accurate and deep. 

Tarot is multi-faceted and as you dive deep into your decks, you’ll find many subtleties, and the theme or philosophy of the authors will become familiar.

Pdfs, recorded guided meditations and other support material will be provided and included in the tuition.

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