Divination in the time of NOW

September 7 – September 22
The 8 of Disks and Horse

Wheel of Change Tarot & Medicine CardsEight is a number of mastery, abundance, productivity and wealth. The Disks represent the Earth element and the practical issues of life such as food, shelter, clothing, health, wealth and sleep. In the illustration there’s a big tree in winter that’s dropped most of its leaves. There’s plentiful energy available within the trunk and long roots that reach deep. It will easily survive the winter.

Eight spider webs cluster in the branches. At the center of each web, there’s a symbol for one of the moon phases from new to full to waning to gone. In the foreground is a tapestry of a luscious glowing red color. It’s obvious someone has been embroidering bright flowers on it but walked away from the task. For a moment or a season? Not sure.

The message here is a practical one. It’s time to assess what is fresh fertile and most alive, and what is stagnant or a holdover from past times. What drains your time and energy? Sweep out the webs that no longer host any life. In this way life is simplified, priorities become clear and a new surge of creative energy and joy in your labor can arise.

What of this bright red carpet? It has so much charisma and vitality, it might just leap up and take you for a ride! Make time in your schedule and your life for the activities that delight you, for your passions, and for the work that is productive.

Is there something you loved but have put aside or walked away from, or simply dropped from your schedule? Tidying up your time and work management skills can create a new spaciousness in life that can be used and filled in gratifying and meaningful ways.

Speaking of a magic ride, it’s wonderful to pull the Horse card as the end-of-summer animal guide. Horse Spirit encourages expanding beyond the usual fields of experience. Horse asks you to tend to and use the confidence and courage at your solar plexus where your ‘horsepower’ lives. Horse takes delight in motion, in physical friskiness, and creating rousing rhythms as she runs across the land.

During these next few weeks, if you can manage it, try taking trips, walking new trails, exploring unusual states of consciousness, or moving passionately forward with new phases of work, relationship and play. Heed the growth and freshness in your life after the dust piles and trash heaps have been swept away. They really need to go so you can recover your magic carpet! Allow the beauty and efficient speed of Horse be a friend to thee!

We all need to be invigorated these days and get some joy vibes. Horse can help. Some ways to connect with Spirit Horse are:
Play drums at a fast clip or a gallop
Play games like volleyball or kickball in big fields.
Go farther down the trail than usual
Brush you hair lovingly and enjoy grooming or being groomed
Express your independence of motion and adventure
Give yourself tasks that build confidence and courage
Make art that features the form, sound, or rhythm of horses or write stories or essays about them
Trance like states of consciousness that are achieved from ‘monotonous’ drumming or dance facilitate you riding the spirt horse into the spirit world. (check with a local shamanic practitioner if you con’t know what that means)

If you’d like a Tarot & Totem session that supports unfolding your inner time-space manager, your joy seeker, or a connection to Horse Spirit or other animals, please be in touch with me at 520-306-1701 or merriewolfie@gmail.com.