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Change:  For the  first time in 6 months, private in-person sessions may happen in the mornings 9am-11am on a large backyard patio in Tucson when pleasant temperatures prevail.  We will be socially distanced and you’ll be able to choose your cards without actually touching them.
     Otherwise, during the Coronavirus crisis all Tarot & Totem private sessions and group events will be offered by phone or on-line only to prevent any possibility of transmission of infection. Before all this, more than half of my clients had distance readings, and I assure you, they’re just as accurate as in-person sessions. A recording and photos of your cards are sent to you afterward.  And I so look forward to the day we can safely meet in person!
     If you’re facing financial challenges due to the Pandemic, please see the notice about reduced prices at the top of the Payment & Scheduling page. 

Greetings and Welcome to the website of Merrie Wolfie and Tarot & Totem! Thank you for finding this place of guidance, insight, healing and play! On this home page you’ll always find the current schedules and offerings from Merrie Wolfie and Tarot & Totem & More. For information about this month’s group events, please visit this page.  To get fascinating posts about divination and nature spirituality, please visit the Facebook page and / or Subscribe to the very active and popular Tarot & Totem newsletter!


October 12th – October 31st
All sessions and events are either by phone or on line due to Covid-19, except early mornings on temperate days in Tucson.
All times are MST / PDT
These days and times are often available
Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday 9:30am – 7pm
Tuesday and Thursday. 9:30am – 4pm

Sunday.  1pm – 6pm
In person outdoor readings on a comfortable patio and appropriately distanced are available between 9am – 11am only in Tucson.
Afternoon and evening sessions will be by phone or on line.

Moon Phase readings –
DARK MOON occurs Wednesday, October 14th
12:30pm to Friday, October 16th 12:30pm.  Relevant readings and sessions. 
NEW MOON is Friday October 16th
12:30pm – Sunday October 18th 12:30pm. See New Moon recommended sessions here.

Schedule a private session by contacting Merrie at 520-306-1701 or merriewolfie@gmail.com. Sessions about relationship, personal well being, path in the world, wellness and other concerns are all good subjects as well as the more esoteric matters such as past lives and messages from the Nature Spirits.

Price and Payment information

Documentation provided for all private sessions include photos of cards and a recording of your call or in-person visit.

Tarot Tune Up – Experimental Practice Group
Thursdays 6:30pm-8pm.
Monthly In Depth Tarot Zoom Workshop Every 3rd Sunday.
This month: October 18th 10am – Noon


INDIGENOUS PEOPLES DAY  Monday, October 12th
DARK MOON  Wednesday, October 14th 12:30pm to Friday, October 16th 12:30pm
NEW MOON IN LIBRA Friday, October 16th 12:30pm to Saturday, October 18th 12:30pm
FULL MOON IN SCORPIO  Saturday, October 31st  7:50am.
SAMHAIN EVE AND HALLOWEEN  Saturday, October 31st
ALL SAINTS DAY  Sunday, November 1st
ALL SOULS DAY  Monday, November 2nd
ELECTION DAY  Tuesday, November 3rd


Private Sessions

TAROT & TOTEM  Private Sessions.
For open days and hours see the Home page. 

Links to various types of readings and sessions: The readings listed under Dark Moon sessions are also helpful anytime you are looking for closure, dealing with grief, or going through a time of sacrifice.  Some of the New Moon readings are also useful during times of new beginnings and fresh starts. They may also be encouraging one one is seeking an increase of sweetness, romance and creativity.

Dark Moon        New Moon      Full Moon

Want to know what makes Tarot & Totem special and unique? Please take a look at the About page

Dark Moon Workshop

NOTE: Unfortunately, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, this workshop is on hold until further notice.

Use the natural power of the final phase in a moon month to sweep away what harms or is done and focus on the colorful transformations you desire!

Dissolving Moon, Evolving Butterfly
Dark Moon workshop

On Hold during the Covid-19 Pandemic
$25 for 2 hours/ $35 for 3 hours

$25 for 2 hours     Buy Now Button

$35 for 3 hours     Buy Now Button

If you’re not able to pay this amount, please contact me. We can probably find a way for you to attend.

Private address near Country Club & Grant. Address given upon RSVP Yes to merriewolfie@gmail.com.
$25 for 2 hours.  $35 for 3 hours.  Handouts with detailed description of this process are given to all attendees. (If this price is a hardship, we can probably make arrangements so you can attend. Please contact me at merriewolfie@gmail.com)

Note: If you’d like to do the workshop privately one-on-one or with another or a group of selected individuals who are connected to each other and experience this work being tailored to your needs please  See separate page and pricing here.

This gathering will introduce you to techniques to dissolve patterns and harmful energetic cords and connections into pure and ‘uninhabited’ energy which can then be imagined or imprinted with happier and more productive feelings, thoughts and goals – i.e. happier beingness!

Butterfly is the animal guide for this dark moon event. Rather than cutting cords or banishing habits, we’re going to dissolve the old to make room for the new, like the caterpillar dissolves in the chrysalis (cocoon). The miracle of the Caterpillar – Chrysalis – Butterfly transformation is one of Nature’s most amazing feats. Earth-bound and heavy caterpillar rolls up and hangs from a leaf or branch and proceeds to ‘dissolve’ his old body into a rich fluid. In this soup there are little ‘imaginal cells’ also called embryonic seeds, which become wings, legs, antenna and all the other parts that wholly create butterfly. Something dissolves into nothing and then creates itself as a completely new creature!

Please note: Issues that are very intense and that you’re not sure you want to let go of, may not be suitable for this workshop. Please email me if you have questions about this). During the workshop, you’ll dissolve issues you’ve worked on and have some insight into, and that you’re sure you are  ready to detach from. This is an energetic release which is quite different than therapy but very effective.

* We start the workshop with introductions and a little information about the process
* Each person writes down a thing or two they want to dissolve and be done with
*  There’s a guided meditation journey that connects you on the imagination level with the Caterpillar – Chrysalis – Butterfly sequence
* You’ll use an easy to learn process to dissolve negative energy cords/connections that are attached to other people, beings, locations, things or even to past lives. These cords are connections to something or someone external that is depleting or harming you.
* You’ll use a similar technique  to dissolve a pattern or habit (it’s a slightly different process. Patterns and habits are more internalized than cords.
*  To search for subconscious fears or blocks, you’ll use a divination to check in with the subconscious. Divination goes below the surface and comes back with information from the depths. The surrender to ‘randomness’ is also a surrender to the subconscious and divine healing. There’s often subconscious resistance to change, in ~ fears of the unknown get stoked or there’s a feeling of not having ‘permission ‘ to change. This process will help you dissolve resistance!
* You’ll work with Recapitulation a process to call back your ‘lost energy / fragments fo self’ from traumatizing or disturbing memories.
* At the end, the group will take a shamanic drum  journey to integrate all the healing that happened during the workshop.

IF YOU’RE PLANNING TO ATTEND, please click this link for info about how to prepare and what to bring:  Preparation and What To Bring to the Workshop

Payment & Scheduling

Private Session Payment Buttons

Price Reductions for those with financial difficulties due to  the 2020 Pandemic. You are welcome to have your reading at a reduced price. Regular sliding scale prices are listed on this page, but you can pay less. Please contact me at merriewolfie@gmail.com or text 520-306-1701 and we will make arrangements. 

(Event and Workshop payments are about halfway down this page).   About sliding scale prices:  Sliding scale options are offered as a way to make workshops and private sessions affordable to many. Please choose the amount on the sliding scale through a self-assessment of your personal financial situation and the effort and expertise that goes into the workshop.

15 Minute Private Session.    $10 – $20

$10  Buy Now Button           $15  Buy Now Button           $20  Buy Now Button


30 Minute Private Session.    $25 – $35 Sliding Scale

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45 Minute Private Session.     $35 – $55 range

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One Hour Private Session.     $45 – $75 range

$45  Buy Now Button         $60  Buy Now Button            $75  Buy Now Button


90 Minute Private Session.     $70 – $110 range

$70   Buy Now Button          $80   Buy Now Button            $90   Buy Now Button

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2 Hour Private Session.   $100 – $140

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Workshop Tuition Payment Buttons

~ January 2020 ~

Dissolving Moon, Evolving Butterfly
Dark Moon workshop.
Thursday, January 23rd, 2020
6pm – 8pm with option to stay an extra hour
$25 for 2 hours/ $35 for 3 hours

$25 for 2 hours     Buy Now Button

$35 for 3 hours     Buy Now Button


Creatively Experience the 22 Tarot Majors
Monday, September 10th, 2018. 6pm – 8pm
$20 – $60 sliding scale. There are 3 price choices below, if you’d like to prepay in another amount you can PayPal merriewolfie@gmail.com or contact Merrie and you’ll be sent a payment request.

$20   Buy Now Button          $40   Buy Now Button            $60   Buy Now Button
Best if you have some knowledge of the basic 22 Tarot majors. If you’re not sure about this, please contact and we’ll chat about it.
Recommended: Sometime before the workshop take some time to gaze at your cards (or an on line deck) and make note of the words, feelings or body sensations that occur to you.
How do we get creatively and consciously involved with these archetypes?
~ dance them, write them, role play them! If you mentally ‘know’ the Tarot majors and seek other, creative ways to explore their meanings, this workshop brings you to an embodied and lyrical way of ‘getting it’ when it comes to their full-spectrum meanings. Full Spectrum includes the range of meanings that include the obvious, the subtle, the fortunate, the challenging … For instance the Fool can represent playfulness, pure creativity and non-attachment but might be reckless and unfortunate actions and words. Fool can be the beginning but also a surprising upset that causes the end.


Tuesday, December 7th,  6pm – 9pm.  ALCHEMY, THE WHEEL OF FORTUNE, SAGITTARIUS and JUPITER. The quest for self-development, life growth and spiritual maturity.

Sliding Scale $45 – $75.

$45     Buy Now Button       $60     Buy Now Button      $75     Buy Now Button

A series of 4 workshops..  Saturdays.  10am – 1pm.
October 14th, 21st, 28th and November 4th, 2017

Payment: Pay for the entire series of  4 workshops. Choose your payment price from these sliding scale options between $200 – $400.
Early Bird: If you pay in full by Friday, October 5th, you’ll receive a free one hour private session at anytime during the next year.  ($60 value)!

$200   Buy Now Button
$250   Buy Now Button
$300   Buy Now Button
$350   Buy Now Button
$400   Buy Now Button

Pay for individual workshops. sliding scale options between $60 to $110.  If you prefer to pay at an interval not listed here, please contact me at merriewolfie@gmail.com.
$60        Buy Now Button
$85       Buy Now Button
$110      Buy Now Button

Tuesday, December 7th,  6pm – 9pm.  ALCHEMY, THE WHEEL OF FORTUNE, SAGITTARIUS and JUPITER. The quest for self-development, life growth and spiritual maturity.

Sliding Scale $45 – $75.

$45     Buy Now Button       $60     Buy Now Button      $75     Buy Now Button




What’s special about Tarot & Totem? Most readings use the Medicine Cards (by Jamie Sans) and the Wheel of Change Tarot (by Alexandra Genetti). The animal guides and their medicine bring indigenous knowledge and folklore into the session that shares wisdom gathered over many thousands of years. The Tarot is steeped in temple wisdom traditions dating back thousands of years. I’ve developed dozens of original spreads and also use some wonderful layouts developed by others. I’ve personally found deep guidance in nature and her many forms of life. These experiences urged me to bring the animal cards to the Tarot table a combination that creates  truly unique sessions.

What kind of questions and subject work best as the subject of a reading?   Readings can give you insight, fresh perspective, and cause you to find wisdom and knowledge that has been hidden in your subconscious. Some readings solve mysteries or help in making wise decisions. Readings can predict likely trends in the near future. Frequent subjects are: Relationship, Career Development, Connecting to Spiritual Life, Harmonizing With Nature, Getting Closure on Difficult Issues, Developing New and Full Moon Energies, Finding a Meaningful Path, Handling Major Transitions, Achieving Specific Goals, Archetypal Psyche, Dream Interpretation, and predictions at times like New Years and Birthdays. I’ve done useful readings for everything from understanding what was depressing a dearly loved pet to how to best prepare the family to welcome a new child into the world to how to find the best divorce attorney to finding the meanings in strange omens. Interesting work!

Are there times when a reading is not appropriate?  Some people are now suffering from “spiritual bypass” meaning they try to heal all problems through metaphysical and shamanic practices and “bypass” other parts of the healing journey. If you find yourself running from one healer to another, one modality to another, but consistently slipping back into the same problems or even feeling worse, it may be time to try something more grounded and practical. Don’t shame or blame yourself or allow anyone else to do so. Readings and shamanic sessions aren’t substitutes for basic self care and taking a balanced approach. Remember, it’s OK to seek medical, psychological, legal or professional help when needed, and it doesn’t make you any more or less spiritual to do so.
Note: Tarot & Totem Sessions do not take the place of, nor is there an intent that they be taken, as medical, legal or psychiatric guidance.

How To Prepare For Your Reading. The best way to prepare for a Tarot & Totem session is by listening deeply to your own heart, soul and mind. What would you most like guidance about, where do you crave change, are you stuck, is there something out of balance you seek to heal? Then schedule a session, come with an open mind and eat well before the session so you’re as relaxed and centered as you can be.

What Happens During a Reading?  All readings start with a very brief guided meditation that helps you shift into a receptive and intuitive state of mind. We call on guides to protect and watch over the proceedings and set an intention that only benevolent and meaningful messages are welcome. During the session, you can talk and share as much or as little as you want. Expect to be surprised by some of the material that comes through. Expect to receive affirmation of what you already intuitively know. And also expect the unexpected. The consulting of intuitive and divinatory tools, such as cards, usually brings up creative and new perspectives.

Afterward:  Within 2 days of your session, you’ll receive an audio recording and photos of the cards from your reading uploaded to a secure folder on Dropbox.  It’s helpful to give yourself some time to reflect and go deeper in your understanding of the reading in the following days. Intuition and the subconscious are deeply touched by symbols and images and animals, and much can be seeded and born of a reading. And don’t forget: ,put some of your new found insight and wisdom into action!